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Geometric Decoration

Wystan Carswell, Ph.D., P.E.

Technical Expert

Wystan Carswell is a geo-structural engineer specializing in soil-structure interaction problems. Her work at Haley & Aldrich focuses on excavation support system design and analysis of deep excavations. She routinely collaborates with project teams and abutting property owners to reduce the risk associated with ground movements. With graduate degrees in structural and geotechnical engineering, she helps owners understand and navigate the design challenges associated with founding structures in complex design environments.

Funded by a National Science Foundation Integrative Graduate Education Research and Traineeship (NSF IGERT), she spent five months of her doctoral studies at the Norwegian Geotechnical Institute in Oslo, Norway researching offshore wind turbine soil-structure behavior during cyclic loading. She is excited by the promising future of U.S. offshore wind energy and the role that geotechnical teams play in designing and constructing turbines in a safe and cost-effective way.

  • Checkmark Excavation support systems
  • Checkmark Foundation design and analysis
  • Checkmark Marine, port, and harbor engineering
  • Checkmark Offshore wind turbine foundations
  • Checkmark Slope stability analyses
  • Checkmark Soil-structure interaction
  • Checkmark Support of excavation design

“Communication is the most important skill in engineering – information delivery is just as important as the technical content.”

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