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Geometric Decoration
John Kastrinos

John Kastrinos, P.G., LSP

Senior Associate, Hydrogeology

John understands that, when it comes to subsurface investigations, he’s always going to learn something new. He’s passionate about using geology and hydrogeology to better our environment through site characterization, cleanup, and developing alternative energy through geothermal heating and cooling. 

As a lead hydrogeologist, John takes pride in presenting complex subsurface problems in ways that are easy to understand. He frequently communicates project concepts and approaches to peer groups, clients, regulators, and the public, covering topics from watershed hydrology to the unique hydraulics of commercial-scale geothermal systems (known more precisely as ground-source heat exchange, or GSHE, systems). 

For more than 30 years, John’s clients have appreciated how his patient, confident demeanor puts people at ease — bringing stakeholders together to make consensus project decisions.

  • Checkmark American Institute of Hydrology–certified hydrogeologist
  • Checkmark Design, testing, and construction of commercial-scale geothermal systems
  • Checkmark Construction dewatering analysis
  • Checkmark Groundwater flow and contaminant transport assessment
  • Checkmark Construction dewatering analysis
  • Checkmark Federal, state, and local regulatory compliance strategy
  • Checkmark Groundwater flow and contaminant transport assessment
  • Checkmark Hydrogeologic investigations for water supply, stormwater, and wastewater recharge
  • Checkmark Massachusetts-licensed site professional
  • Checkmark Monitored natural attenuation projects
  • Checkmark Registered geologist in Pennsylvania
  • Checkmark Remediation planning and implementation
  • Checkmark Superfund sites in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Arizona, and California
  • Checkmark Water supply

“Subsurface conditions are often complex. Thoughtful analysis is the key to helping clients understand these issues at their sites.”