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Government infrastructure

Contaminated waterfront transformed through our sustainable remediation solutions

4,400 feet

of beachfront restored

12,000 square feet

of new wetlands and other habitat built

75,000 tons

of toxic soil and sediment removed


  • The Washington State Department of Ecology trusted Haley & Aldrich to lead the remediation of a coastal site contaminated from a century of sawmill operations — the largest state-funded cleanup to date.
  • Coordinating with a team of scientists, engineers, archaeologists, and specialized subcontractors, we led remedial design and construction, creating a transformative plan that would not only clean up the site but also ensure long-term ecological and economic productivity.
  • We prepared plans and specifications in less than three weeks to facilitate construction in the same calendar year, and we completed the cleanup on time and within budget.
  • Our approach successfully balanced effective remediation with challenging Endangered Species Act requirements and the needs of local tribes and government agencies.
  • The revitalized area is now home to thriving businesses and ecological communities.

For more information, contact:

Mike Ehlebracht
Michael (Mike) Ehlebracht

Principal Consultant, Geochemistry

Jim Shannon

Senior Project Manager, Biology