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Jim Shannon, M.S.

Senior Project Manager, Biology

Jim works in the Pacific Northwest, Alaska, and the Pacific where he is familiar with environmental permitting requirements, sensitive species, and ecological processes. His project experience involves habitat characterization and estimation of fisheries and wetland resources in riverine, estuarine, and marine environments. Jim is passionate about the environment and the conservation of our resources and enjoys working through project constraints and challenges to find the right solution for his clients’ natural resource needs.  

Throughout his career, Jim has mentored colleagues, taught classes, given seminars, and influenced strategic client decisions. He is a Pacific Northwest natural resources expert and sits on the Snohomish County salmon recovery technical committee for the Port of Everett and the City of Everett, both Haley & Aldrich clients.

  • Checkmark Construction oversight
  • Checkmark Electrofishing
  • Checkmark Endangered Species Act compliance
  • Checkmark Environmental compliance
  • Checkmark Environmental permitting
  • Checkmark Fish and wildlife surveys
  • Checkmark Fish biology
  • Checkmark Habitat restoration
  • Checkmark Salmon recovery
  • Checkmark Wetland delineation and mitigation

“I really enjoy working with multi-disciplinary teams to advocate for my clients and create solutions that improve the natural environment. It’s motivating and inspiring to know that my work is contributing to a restored and cleaner environment.”