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Mike Ehlebracht

Michael (Mike) Ehlebracht, L.G., LHG

Principal Consultant, Geochemistry

As an environmental consultant for nearly 35 years, Mike is driven by his desire to achieve the best results for his clients with thoughtful solutions to address their complex challenges. He has an extensive background in environmental geochemistry with an emphasis on fate and transport of contaminants in the subsurface and hydrogeochemical forensic analysis to support regulatory compliance, insurance, and cost-recovery negotiations. He has performed regulatory and risk‑based assessments of soil, sediment, air, and water matrices, and has successfully negotiated with Washington State Department of Ecology (Ecology), Environmental Protection Agency, and various state regulatory agencies for cleanup levels based on site-specific contaminant mobility and risk evaluations.

Mike is recognized for his technical and regulatory expertise and has been invited to serve on various Washington State Department of Ecology technical and regulatory advisory committees. As a member of the Interim TPH Policy Working Group, he helped Ecology develop a risk-based cleanup approach for petroleum-contaminated sites – an approach that has been used as a model in other states and one that has saved clients millions of dollars in remediation costs. Mike also participated on the Fate and Transport subcommittee that developed techniques for modeling the fate and transport of contaminants in support of developing risk-based soil to groundwater cleanup levels. As Chair of the Snohomish County Marine Resources Committee, he utilizes this expertise to work with businesses, governmental agencies, tribes, and non-profit organizations to protect and restore Puget Sound.

  • Checkmark Contaminant fate and transport studies
  • Checkmark Contaminated site management
  • Checkmark Engineering designs at commercial, industrial, and brownfield sites
  • Checkmark Environmental forensic and cost recovery evaluations
  • Checkmark Environmental regulatory compliance
  • Checkmark Feasibility studies
  • Checkmark Litigation support
  • Checkmark Remedial investigation and cleanup of upland and in-water sites
  • Checkmark Vapor intrusion

“Our clients have incredibly complex challenges that typically involve many different stakeholders with varying needs, goals, and understanding of the issues at hand. It’s rewarding to not only find the most efficient and cost-effective solutions for my clients challenges, but to find the solution that also satisfies so many stakeholders and their disparate needs.”