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Geometric Decoration
James Pippin

James Pippin

Senior Project Manager

James finds great satisfaction working on projects that have a positive impact not only for his clients, but for the surrounding environments and communities. His passion for natural resources and the environment has led him to projects ranging from performing ecological and aquatic studies at oil exploration sites in the Amazon River Basin to managing large-scale energy projects in the Northeast of the U.S. For more than 25 years James has led natural resources projects in markets including airports, renewable energy, electrical transmission, natural gas power and transmission, municipal and state parks, commercial development, and institutions. He has worked with clients through rigorous state and federal certificate and licensing processes, obtained environmental regulatory permits, and managed field teams to monitor compliance throughout the course of construction.

  • Checkmark Biological/ecological surveys
  • Checkmark Pond management
  • Checkmark Stream restoration
  • Checkmark Surface and groundwater monitoring
  • Checkmark Visual resources assessments
  • Checkmark Wetland and stream delineations
  • Checkmark Wetland mitigation design

“I really enjoy working with clients to develop a project from the very beginning all the way through to completion. The sense of accomplishment is rewarding – even if I only had one small part in that project’s success.”