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Go beyond checking compliance boxes: why most internal EHS audits fall short

If your EHS audit only covers regulatory compliance checklists, you may not be seeing the whole picture. EHS Managers need to get complete data from internal audits to improve productivity, save costs, minimize risk and avoid fines. This involves creating open lines of communication with all levels of stakeholders to best use the audit data you have, and ask questions to create audits that provide a clear picture.

Download our EHS Audit Action Guide and dive into how to get the most meaningful data to translate into usable information and feed sound decision-making.

What you’ll learn:

  • Why communication is crucial to making the most of your EHS audit.
  • How to scope your internal audit and maximize the data you have.
  • Tips on how you can be more proactive about compliance and risk.
  • How applying systems thinking can make audit data more meaningful.

Free to download our EHS Audit Action Guide here.