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Geometric Decoration

Danyle Hepler, CSP, CESCO, CPEA

Corporate Health and Safety Manager

Danyle partners with clients to co-create strategies and tactical plans aligned with their visions. During her almost 20 years of industrial and consulting experience, she has nurtured both technical and interpersonal skills to help people make their daily lives not just safe, but enjoyable, productive, and meaningful. 

To accomplish this goal, Danyle continually explores new ways of communicating complex information to a variety of audiences. Her current corporate role involves ensuring the health and safety of internal project teams and implementing an occupational health and safety management system for Haley & Aldrich. She also works with external clients to address their environmental, health, and safety needs while supporting their ultimate business objectives. 

Danyle has recently begun incorporating graphic recording and facilitation to enhance collective understanding of her projects. Her desire to streamline processes and facilitate communication means that her work integrates systems thinking, a visual dimension, strategic planning, and process improvement.

  • Checkmark Business continuity planning
  • Checkmark Environmental health and safety strategy and management
  • Checkmark Graphic facilitation and recording
  • Checkmark Health and safety compliance support
  • Checkmark Health and safety management system implementation
  • Checkmark Health and safety program and portfolio development
  • Checkmark Operational risk assessment
  • Checkmark Process improvement through systems thinking

“I enjoy working with others to develop real-world solutions, not just what looks good on paper. It’s exciting to engage clients who see value in taking their systems to the next level.”