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Trenchless engineering for utilities

Electric transmission and distribution

Creative problem-solving and technical excellence enable utility provider to continue delivering reliable service

Almost $1 million

saved during procurement phase by eliminating potential change order


  • Haley & Aldrich’s geotechnical team helped our client overcome the challenges of an antiquated utility system.
  • A tunnel, co-occupied by the utility company and a large city in New York, housed the client’s electrical circuits. The company wanted to construct a new tunnel beneath a river.
  • We brought all stakeholders together to identify barriers and outline an action plan for design, procurement, and construction, and to reduce overall risk.
  • We helped the client avoid costly surprises and safety incidents and save nearly $1 million by eliminating the potential for a change order.

For more information, contact:

Carrie Layhee

Senior Client Account Manager, Geotechnical Engineer