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Allison Pyrch, P.E., G.E.

Senior Associate, Geotechnical and Resilience Engineering

Allison is a geotechnical engineer with 20 years of geotechnical design experience. In addition to her geotechnical engineering practice, she is a long-term advocate for better resilience planning in the Pacific Northwest. She is a recognized community leader on resilience issues and is a frequent participant in town hall meetings and expert forums. She has testified to the Oregon state legislature on seismic resilience, and volunteers with community groups to encourage community preparedness.

Allison enjoys working with her clients to solve problems β€” whether responding to and designing temporary fixes for a landslide or bridge washout, to tailoring an engineering approach to meet a tight budget, to developing options to build resilience within an existing and vulnerable infrastructure system.

Allison co-leads the Disaster Reconnaissance and Recovery Committee of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Infrastructure Resilience Division, which is part of the ASCE Infrastructure Resilience Division. She travelled with the ASCE to the 2010 Chile, 2011 Japan, and 2017 Mexico earthquake areas to study the aftermath of subduction zone earthquakes and recovery efforts.

Allison was part of the team that developed the Oregon Resilience Plan and is a certified trainer for the California Emergency Management Safety Assessment Program for building evaluations after earthquakes and other disasters. She founded Salus Resilience, a trademark of Haley & Aldrich, which is a consultancy offering comprehensive resilience assessment and planning.

  • Checkmark Geotechnical engineering
  • Checkmark Lateral spread evaluations
  • Checkmark Liquefaction analysis
  • Checkmark Resilience assessment and planning
  • Checkmark Seismic design
  • Checkmark Settlement analysis of fills and native soils
  • Checkmark Shallow and deep foundation design
  • Checkmark Slope stability analysis for existing slopes and proposed fill embankments

“My clients in general are doing this work because they recognize that infrastructure β€” and preparing infrastructure to not only endure extreme events but thrive after them β€” is crucial to our safety and well-being. It’s easy to be excited about my work when I have a community of passionate people that want to make our communities better.”