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Ben Chandler

Principal Consultant

Ben fosters Haley & Aldrich’s innovation culture by discovering new ways to effectively and efficiently provide the differentiated value clients seek. He collaborates with technology and systems-thinking innovators inside and outside of Haley & Aldrich and our clients to capture innovation opportunities. He “seeds” those innovations across the company so staff can take those innovative approaches to their clients.

Ben’s passion for making great ideas come to life stems from his childhood curiosity for how things work. He would literally or figuratively take things apart and put them back together. He also had a wonder of, and deep-felt concern for, our environment. He put the two together as an environmental consultant. Ben has worked in the U.S., Europe, Africa, Middle East, and Asia across all Haley & Aldrich market segments. 

As a Certified Lean Black Belt, Ben is skilled at fostering collaboration at the heart of innovation.

  • Checkmark Construction
  • Checkmark Environmental stewardship
  • Checkmark Innovation
  • Checkmark Lean practices
  • Checkmark Resilience
  • Checkmark Sustainability

“I most enjoy working with clients and our staff on vexing challenges where the conventional approaches will not get our clients where they need to be. These challenges open up opportunities for new ways of thinking and working that can be transformative and lead to innovative solutions that make us all feel proud.”