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Geometric Decoration

Chris Harriman, LEP

Program Manager, Environmental Site Remediation

Chris has a passion for earth sciences, networking, and teamwork. A licensed environmental professional and an environmental geologist, Chris’ diverse expertise includes environmental site assessment and permitting, site subsurface explorations, and the development of soil management programs. He especially enjoys the pre-design and pre-construction processes because he feels he can make the most impact – saving costs, keeping everyone safe, and helping the environment. 

Chris’ technical skills and customer-focused approach have made him a dependable program manager who builds long-term relationships with clients. He often consults on environmental and geotechnical projects that involve complex subsurface geologic conditions, helping project managers to develop exploration programs and choose appropriate sampling procedures and techniques.

  • Checkmark Client development
  • Checkmark Environmental project and program management
  • Checkmark Environmental site assessments and permitting
  • Checkmark Remedial investigations and construction oversight
  • Checkmark Remediation and geotechnical projects
  • Checkmark Soil management
  • Checkmark Staff management
  • Checkmark Subsurface explorations
  • Checkmark Wetland delineations and permitting

“Many of my clients have worked with me for more than 20 years. I’ve been able to become a trusted advisor to them through my collaborative approach, responsiveness, and deep understanding of region-specific environmental challenges and regulatory landscape.”