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Darrin Costantini

Senior Technical Expert, Process Engineering

Darrin is energized by the idea that every project is one of a kind. Whether he’s treating wastewater to remove metals or meeting with a municipality about a discharge permit, each project has something that makes it uniquely interesting and challenging. Darrin has over 30 years of experience in the design, installation, and start-up of air and water treatment systems, which includes projects in air and water quality, water resources, manufacturing, aerospace, remediation construction, and contaminated site management.

As a consultant, engineer, and client leader, Darrin has the opportunity to contribute to a project’s success in a myriad of ways, whether that’s creating a safe environment for the surrounding community, helping a company achieve its mission or goals, offering cost-effective solutions, or developing a new and novel approach. He strives to give our clients peace of mind, knowing that we understand their needs and will execute the work necessary to solve their tough problems.

  • Checkmark Air and water discharge permitting 
  • Checkmark Bench scale testing 
  • Checkmark Building mechanical system 
  • Checkmark Control system design and implementation
  • Checkmark Emerging contaminants
  • Checkmark Feasibility studies 
  • Checkmark Industrial wastewater and process air treatment 
  • Checkmark Remedial system design, construction, and operation
  • Checkmark Vapor intrusion evaluation and mitigation

“I seek to deeply understand my clients’ needs and goals beyond the task at hand. I enjoy learning what makes them tick, as well as what keeps them up at night. It’s with this deeper knowledge and personal connection that I can serve as their trusted advisor and help them to be and feel successful for their organization.”