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Ed Zamiskie

Edward Zamiskie, P.E.

Senior Principal

Ed brings together Haley & Aldrich staff, his clients, and teaming partners to find creative yet practical ways to achieve more with limited resources, no matter how seemingly straightforward or complex the challenge. He seeks to deeply understand the problem at hand, weigh the risks, and advocate for the solution that will provide the highest value for the least cost and endure for future generations.

Because he knows that plans and specifications can sometimes be misinterpreted, Ed finds that clear, consistent communication about even the smallest details provides the clarity he and his clients need to enjoy a successful partnership. He is motivated by teamwork and seeing how that collaboration drives projects from concept to construction.  

Ed’s 35 years of diversified geotechnical engineering experience includes infrastructure, vertical construction, and site remediation projects. Over the past 20 years he has focused specifically on highways and bridges, dam and flood control structures, water and wastewater conveyance and treatment, and waterfront structure projects.

  • Checkmark Construction support
  • Checkmark Dam engineering
  • Checkmark Foundation analysis
  • Checkmark Geotechnical engineering
  • Checkmark Subsurface investigations

“Our Government Infrastructure clients’ complex challenges require solutions that endure. Because of that, I work hard to bring advocacy and ingenuity to each project in order to identify solutions that will withstand for generations to come.”