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Geometric Decoration

George Hicks

Principal Consultant

George has worked around water all his life; above, below, and adjacent to various waterbodies, from isolated mountain reservoirs to the heavily trafficked San Francisco Bay. He started his career as a hard-hat construction diver, then moved into overseeing marine construction work and contaminated sediment removal projects throughout the U.S. and internationally.

George has used this experience to recommend improvements on sediment project designs, making sure they are practical and constructible. He knows what works in the field and has experienced firsthand the schedule and budget challenges that can arise when working on water. By anticipating these hurdles, he leads Haley & Aldrich’s design teams to mitigate clients’ risks and overcome their challenges before their sediment projects begin.

George’s 35 years’ experience leading over 200 sediment management and remediation projects also gives him unique insight into managing stakeholders and getting them to accept innovative, implementable solutions for complex sediment projects.

  • Checkmark Contaminated sediment management and remediation 
  • Checkmark Sampling, analysis, and interpretation
  • Checkmark Site investigations and assessments
  • Checkmark Remedial design
  • Checkmark Permitting
  • Checkmark Regulatory compliance support
  • Checkmark Remedial action implementation and construction services
  • Checkmark Pollution prevention and waste minimization
  • Checkmark Environmental information management 
  • Checkmark Final closure documentation
  • Checkmark Long term monitoring

“My intrinsic value to clients is a unique perspective to sediment management and remediation – design like an engineer, think like a contractor. If the design is too prescriptive, contractors are limited in the innovation they can provide on a project. If the design is too open-ended, there are potential interpretation risks, and the chance of missing key scope items affecting regulatory and permit compliance.”