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Geometric Decoration

Christopher Eddy

Technical Expert

Chris leverages his public- and private-sector experience to develop solutions to the challenges of government infrastructure, private development, and the mining industry. He enjoys working with clients to develop suitable, cost-effective solutions founded on principles of safety. His deep understanding of geotechnical asset management (GAM) programs as they pertain to rockfall hazards and mitigation, from system inception to investigation, design, and construction of mitigations, allows Chris to anticipate the issues that may arise in a client’s situation. 

As a classically trained structural geologist with over a decade of practical experience in the field of engineering geology, Chris currently leads Haley & Aldrich’s rock engineering group. His previous experience includes research fellowships, teaching geology at the college level, and working as a geologist for a state transportation agency. 

  • Checkmark GAM program development and inception 
  • Checkmark Concept development and feasibility studies 
  • Checkmark Field investigations  
  • Checkmark Rockfall hazard mitigation 
  • Checkmark Slope stability  
  • Checkmark Construction oversight 
  • Checkmark Foundation support  

I’ve always had a passion for serving the greater good, which is why I began my career by working as a public servant for the state of Vermont. Shifting my career into consulting has expanded my opportunities to help solve problems for more people across a greater variety of projects.