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Jay Peters headshot

Jay Peters

Principal Consultant, Risk Assessment

Jay has over 25 years’ experience developing risk-based strategies for managing and redeveloping contaminated sites under the regulatory frameworks of more than 20 state cleanup programs and seven EPA regions. He is known by his clients for identifying alternative approaches for managing contamination that not only better align with their end goals but often save them money. Rather than simply calculating risks for his clients’ sites, then presenting the results, he explains what those results really mean for their business—their operations, their reputation, and their bottom line.

Jay views risk assessment as a tool for providing options to manage remedial liabilities. He has applied this philosophy to develop risk-based regulatory strategies for a range of manufacturing, legacy energy, real estate transfer, and mining sites. He is also rare among environmental risk assessors in having expertise and experience with radiological contamination. He has translated his findings for attorneys, state and federal regulators, and the public and used his results to negotiate better outcomes for his clients.

  • Checkmark Brownfield redevelopment
  • Checkmark Coal combustion residuals (CCR) sites
  • Checkmark Emerging contaminants
  • Checkmark Radiological/nuclear sites
  • Checkmark Sediments
  • Checkmark Superfund and Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) sites
  • Checkmark Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) PCB sites
  • Checkmark Vapor intrusion

“I’m driven to help our younger staff develop professionally by giving them exposure to different types of projects and regulations. I encourage them to create value for our clients by developing innovative approaches to their challenges.”