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Geometric Decoration

Jesse Siegel, P.E.

Program Manager, Geotechnical Engineering

Jesse is passionate about solving problems and devising multiple solutions to every challenge so that his client and project team can collaboratively work together to find the answer that best balances cost and risk. His daily work involving below-grade construction connects his passion for the natural world with his complex engineering acumen. He enjoys that each project has its own unique characteristics that require teaming with experts from many different disciplines to solve difficult issues.

One of Jesse’s favorite things is taking something that’s extremely technical and complex and communicating it in way that non-engineers can understand – so everyone recognizes the importance of a recommendation. More than anything, Jesse enjoys the high caliber of both the talented experts he works with and the forward-thinking clients he serves.

  • Checkmark Below-grade construction
  • Checkmark Boston real estate development
  • Checkmark Environmental engineering
  • Checkmark Higher Education
  • Checkmark Healthcare
  • Checkmark Shallow and deep foundation design
  • Checkmark Support of excavation design

“There are so many things to think about when it comes to geotechnical engineering – that’s what makes every day different from the last.”