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Headshot of male, Joe Volpe

Joe Volpe, P.G.

Senior Technical Expert, Hydrogeologist​ 

Joe has worked as a consultant for most of his more-than-30-year career. As a hydrogeologist, he’s worked around the globe on technical challenges ranging from soil and groundwater investigation and remediation to mining lifecycle projects to water supply, stewardship, and resiliency issues. 

At Haley & Aldrich, Joe provides technically sophisticated, client-centered solutions to projects in the manufacturing, IT, and mining sectors. He focuses on helping clients discover solutions to address their water risks, secure sustainable and resilient water supplies, minimize water use and maximize reuse, and meet their energy, net-zero carbon, and other environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals. 

Joe’s decades of global experience — he’s performed more than 100 source water assessments around the world — allow him to mentor colleagues and give him a broad perspective on clients’ present and future challenges. He develops collaborative trust by delivering top-notch analysis and advice tailored to clients’ local-level issues. 

I’m passionate about understanding and protecting the environment, especially regarding water and the crucial role it plays in all aspects of clients’ operations — and in all our lives. As accelerating climate change reshapes our norms, we have an amazing opportunity — and responsibility — to develop solutions that foster global resiliency.