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Geometric Decoration
Joe Weidmann

Joe Weidmann, P.G.

Technical Expert, Hydrogeology

Joe maximizes site data to develop a comprehensive understanding of his environmental projects. From this base of knowledge, he crafts strategic plans that lead to satisfactory outcomes for his clients. Over his more than 25-year career, most of which has been working with top aerospace firms, he has led successful investigation and remediation projects to achieve his clients’ technical and business goals. His successes include the negotiation and support of dozens of “No Further Action” designations from regulatory agencies.

Joe has also been a key leader on the Haley & Aldrich team that has received The Boeing Company’s Silver Performance Excellence Award for three consecutive years. This award denotes the achievement of superior performance, including meeting Boeing’s high standards and helping the company remain competitive in the global economy.

  • Checkmark Emerging contaminants
  • Checkmark Environmental due diligence
  • Checkmark Forensic evaluations
  • Checkmark Hydrogeology
  • Checkmark Long-term financial forecasting and risk management
  • Checkmark Regulatory negotiation
  • Checkmark Site characterization/conceptual site models
  • Checkmark Soil and groundwater remediation
  • Checkmark Strategy development and implementation
  • Checkmark Vapor intrusion

“I’ve become one of my clients’ trusted advisors by developing a clear understanding of what they value. I then apply this knowledge to create project approaches seamlessly aligned with my clients’ goals.”