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Geometric Decoration
John Bartos

John Bartos, P.G., P.E.

Senior Project Manager, Civil Engineer

John creates meaningful and cost-effective solutions for his clients’ projects. Throughout his 23 years of engineering and hydrogeology experience, which spans North America, Europe, and Australia, John has provided management and technical expertise to Fortune 500 companies, large water supply companies, and public-sector clients (including NASA, the US Department of Defense, and the US Army Corps of Engineers).

With the point of view that every site is environmentally unique, John has advised on bespoke yet efficient solutions for projects under the US Resource Conservation and Recovery Act; CERCLA; and state cleanup programs for petroleum, chlorinated solvent, wood treating, brine, coal combustion residual, manufactured gas plant, sediment, and landfill sites.

John works toward technically robust outcomes through understandable science, which enables him to build consensus with varied stakeholders and regulators for complex sites. He has applied his expertise to reducing costs and liabilities by building or updating conceptual site models, designing and optimizing remediation programs, developing risk assessment programs, and providing technical guidance until closure.

  • Checkmark Physical hydrogeology
  • Checkmark Analytical and numerical transport modeling
  • Checkmark Chemical hydrogeology
  • Checkmark Forensic evaluations
  • Checkmark Geochemistry
  • Checkmark Monitored natural attenuation
  • Checkmark Non-aqueous phase liquid conceptual site model development
  • Checkmark Project management
  • Checkmark Pump and treat optimization
  • Checkmark Remediation and system effectiveness
  • Checkmark Site characterization
  • Checkmark Soil and groundwater remediation
  • Checkmark Statistics and data analytics
  • Checkmark Surface and downhole geophysics
  • Checkmark Water supply

“I am passionate about solving the puzzle of understanding each problem and determining how to collect the pieces of the puzzle in order to see the full picture.”