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Geometric Decoration
Katie Krug

Kate Krug

Associate Geologist, Senior Project Manager

Kate draws motivation from guiding clients toward success through the principles of geology. With experience assessing geologic and geotechnical site conditions, hazards, and processes in a variety of settings, Kate always works with the goal of helping clients understand how these conditions will impact project cost, schedule, and outcome.  

Kate has carried out landslide hazard studies, fatal-flaw siting studies, and geotechnical investigations for many critical and noncritical facilities, such as coastal liquified natural gas facilities, nuclear power plants, education research facilities, private developments, utility corridors, and brownfield and greenfield sites. She provides both field-based data collection and office-based analyses to characterize geologic site conditions and slope stability hazards — conditions that can make or break a project’s success.  

  • Checkmark Evaluation of subsurface geology 
  • Checkmark Fault rupture investigations 
  • Checkmark Geologic and seismic hazard assessments 
  • Checkmark Geographic information system investigations and analysis  
  • Checkmark Inspection and specification adherence  
  • Checkmark Kinematic stability analyses 
  • Checkmark Project management 
  • Checkmark Rock mass characterization 

“Geology may be a small cost component of projects, but geologic findings can have a huge impact on project success. I love seeing how the results of my work can lead to appropriately scaled, technically robust, and client-driven solutions.”