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Keith Ryan headshot

Keith Ryan

Senior Technical Expert, Hydrogeology

Keith begins working with his clients by determining their needs and goals. He then crafts a customized plan to satisfy as many stakeholders as possible without losing focus on human health and environmental quality. Keith has found, over his almost 40 years in the industry, that this approach produces the most cost-effective results in the shortest timeframes. 

Throughout his career, Keith has blended his technical expertise and deep understanding of state and federal regulations with his love of the outdoors to remediate and protect the spaces in which we live and work. His success has led to leadership roles in the New York and New Jersey region. Most recently, he managed 50 scientists and engineers for a 160-project portfolio with a funded value of $50 million while serving as the Licensed Site Remediation Professional for six cases.

  • Checkmark Environmental due diligence
  • Checkmark Environmental support – linear and vertical construction
  • Checkmark Feasibility studies
  • Checkmark Groundwater modeling
  • Checkmark Groundwater supply/resource evaluation
  • Checkmark Manufactured gas plants
  • Checkmark On-site water/wastewater treatment
  • Checkmark Site characterization
  • Checkmark Soil/groundwater remediation
  • Checkmark Underground storage tank management

“Bearing in mind that different clients have different drivers and objectives, closing out an environmental liability as efficiently and quickly as possible is my overarching goal.”

Keith Ryan, Senior Associate, Hydrogeologist