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Geometric Decoration

Kevin Houck, P.E., PMP

Senior Technical Expert, Civil Engineering

Kevin heads our mining practice in Montana and has 19 years of experience leading mine site reclamation and waste site closure projects. He has overseen site inspections and characterization of wastes, performed engineering evaluations/cost analysis, and developed removal designs including waste removal and placement in on-site repositories, geomorphic site regrading, and capping of waste with various liner systems.

Kevin enjoys work on projects where he collaborates with clients and stakeholders to develop innovative, simplistic, and resilient solutions. He creates and executes technical approaches to problem-solving, specifically as they relate to preparing design-phase documents, obtaining project permits, and implementing remedial and reclamation designs. His construction background and field work experience help him overcome constructability issues and implement value engineering during project design.


  • Checkmark Capping design
  • Checkmark Construction oversight
  • Checkmark Engineering evaluations/cost analysis
  • Checkmark Geomorphic grading
  • Checkmark Legacy mine site assessments and closure
  • Checkmark Reclamation
  • Checkmark Removal designs
  • Checkmark Site restoration and re-vegetation

I was introduced to engineering from a family friend growing up who was a civil engineer for the Forest Service. He showed me that I can pursue a rewarding career that combines my passion for math, science, and being outdoors.