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Geometric Decoration
Headshot of male, Kevin Loeb

Kevin Loeb, P.G., CEG, LEG

Senior Project Manager, Engineering Geologist

Kevin has managed a wide range of geotechnical projects throughout California and the Pacific Northwest. He offers clients sophisticated geologic and geotechnical site characterization skills, and he understands how to manage the complex stakeholder relationships needed to make public infrastructure projects a success.

As each project takes shape, Kevin finds joy in discussing geology with clients from varying fields as well as with Haley & Aldrich’s design teams. He strives to ensure appropriate site characterization to avoid or minimize adverse impacts to planned improvements and to provide accessible and practical geologic interpretations to design engineers and clients.

  • Checkmark Evaluations of subsurface geology
  • Checkmark Emergency response to geologic hazards (landslides, erosion, road damage, etc.)
  • Checkmark Geologic mapping and hazard assessments
  • Checkmark Geotechnical investigations
  • Checkmark Project management
  • Checkmark Flood control and stormwater drainage
  • Checkmark Water and wastewater facilities

“Geology is a passion of mine and is part of my life both inside and outside work. Every rock structure and sediment deposit tells a story of Earth’s history. Understanding these stories may tell us how they’ll respond to human disturbance.”