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Larry Smith

President and Chief Executive Officer

Larry’s primary focus is to move the company closer to its vision to “be the company most sought after to integrate technology and human potential to tackle tough issues facing the world.” Larry re-joined Haley & Aldrich in 1985 and was named executive vice president and chief operating officer in December 2004. He was elected president and CEO in 2010. He has served on the Board of Directors since 1994 and currently serves as chair.

Most recently, Larry has provided strong leadership to our staff through taking appropriate operational measures and providing transparent, frequent dialog with employees about how to work and live safely to protect themselves, their families, their clients, and their communities through the COVID-19 pandemic.

In 2019, Larry led the successful sale of Haley & Aldrich subsidiary, Emerging Compounds Treatment Technologies, Inc. (“ECT2”), a global leader in cutting-edge solutions that mitigate the impact of emerging contaminants in air and water, to Montrose Environmental Group, Inc. ECT was conceived in a 2011 strategic planning process led by Larry to improve the value we deliver by better understanding our clients’ challenges and the trends and drivers impacting their industries. 

Larry instituted and co-facilitates the company’s Leadership Development Program for Haley & Aldrich’s next-generation leaders. More than 100 staff have completed the extensive program in business management, understanding human systems, strategic planning, systems thinking, and adaptive leadership to address complex challenges facing our clients and society.

Larry’s technical expertise is in hydrogeology and groundwater contamination, with a specific focus on the behavior of DNAPL in fractured porous media. He led the investigation and remediation of hundreds of contaminated sites for Fortune 100 industrial clients, including the development and implementation of innovative remedial technologies. 

  • Checkmark Lead Haley & Aldrich to be a living company and a learning organization
  • Checkmark Develop company strategy to solve clients’ tough problems 
  • Checkmark Foster a diverse work community that reflects the communities we serve
  • Checkmark Evolve our business to adapt to emerging challenges
  • Checkmark Promote our core value of “Safety in everything we do”
  • Checkmark Develop staff’s full potential to tackle global tough issues 
  • Checkmark Create value for our clients, staff, and stakeholders

“I noticed something special about Haley & Aldrich when I joined in 1978 – a passion for client service excellence and respect for people, built on ethics and honesty. I view my role as a steward of this rich heritage, and a keeper of the flame for our company culture. It is my job to deliver this thriving company to the next generation.”

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