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Marcel Guay

Chief Operating Officer

As chief operating officer, Marcel’s primary focus is to operate Haley & Aldrich as a “living company.” Over the decades, we have developed a good understanding of who we are, how we fit into the world, the importance and value in new ideas and new people, and how to operate in a fiscally conservative manner. These characteristics have allowed Haley & Aldrich to evolve in a way that creates a great work environment for our staff and best serves our clients.

Marcel has spent more than 35 years in consulting engineering working in progressively advancing operational management roles while continuing to work with utility, private and government sector clients to solve their most challenging environmental and civil engineering problems. Marcel joined Haley & Aldrich in 2008 as vice president and general manager for our energy and infrastructure business unit. He has been instrumental in managing the company, expanding our client base, and updating our systems and processes to meet our key market and client needs more efficiently. In 2016, he became chief operating officer.

“For Haley & Aldrich, it’s all about the client and meeting their objectives and expectations. To consistently accomplish this, we encourage and reward our staff to be safe, proactive, inquisitive, and pursue continuous learning. Couple that with a well-run company that invests in our people, systems, and technology and we have a great platform for long-term success. I believe this is why Haley & Aldrich is a trusted advisor to our clients.”