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Mark Herrenkohl, L.E.G

Senior Project Manager, Engineering Geology and Geochemistry

Mark is an engineering geologist with expertise in environmental site characterization, feasibility studies, and geochemistry. He has substantial experience conducting site characterizations, including the design and implementation of field investigations and laboratory bench‐scale studies to evaluate site‐specific chemical behavior. He has served as the lead scientist for environmental projects including CERCLA remedial investigation and feasibility studies (RI/FS), state‐led projects (MTCA), and litigation support projects.

Mark also has resource damage assessment experience for developing and evaluating restoration alternatives for soil and sediment cleanup in riverine and marine environments. He specializes in designing and evaluating sediment caps, including cap stability and long‐term contaminant mobility after sediment capping. He has experience with oversight of construction activities for upland projects such as landfills, as well as in-water dredging and capping projects.

Mark is a strong client advocate who goes the extra mile for his clients. He takes the time necessary to understand his clients’ specific situations and needs, and he provides a cost-effective plan and schedule that addresses those needs so they are successful. He takes great pride in his ability to complete projects within budget and on schedule.

  • Checkmark Compliance monitoring
  • Checkmark Construction oversight
  • Checkmark Engineering geology and geochemistry
  • Checkmark Environmental site characterization and remediation strategy evaluation
  • Checkmark Feasibility studies and engineering design support
  • Checkmark Permitting and regulatory negotiation
  • Checkmark Solid waste and hazardous waste management

“The reason I am so passionate about my career in this industry is quite simple. My education in the sciences and professional work in environmental consulting have allowed me to achieve my life goal of giving more than I take in this world.”