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Headshot of male, Michael Brady

Michael Brady

Senior Account Executive

Michael enjoys the challenge of identifying and pursuing new opportunities. He thrives in a collaborative environment, working and communicating with clients to assess their needs. Michael views each new project as a journey with its own unique set of challenges to navigate as he guides his clients to successful outcomes. Along the way, he draws on his more than 30 years of experience planning, organizing, and optimizing resources in the development and delivery of a broad base of services. This leadership experience has involved managing and directing staff, project teams, and other resources focused on securing and successfully executing work.

One of Michael’s strengths is team building. Michael prioritizes client needs and leverages his operational experience to assemble the right resources and skill sets for each new opportunity.

Michael has overseen programs generating more than $15 million in annual revenues, including business units that have provided a diverse array of services from emergency response to hazardous waste management to environmental drilling.  

“My operations and project-execution experience equip me with the tools to assist, support, and counsel clients not only on the front end of a project, but throughout the entire execution phase.”