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Mike Schmitz, P.E.

Principal Consultant, Geotechnical Engineering

Mike is a geotechnical engineer who loves solving problems and going above and beyond for his clients. His primary experience is in the planning, design, and construction of infrastructure, commercial, and industrial developments. He works with engineering firms, contractors, and agencies to deliver services including utilities, roadways, airports, buildings, bridges, slopes and embankments, buildings, levees, industrial facilities, parks, and trails. Although state design manuals in the transportation market are rigid, Mike enjoys the challenge of finding creative solutions, so he can deliver a sound design with the lowest cost implications. As a project manager, Mike oversees project teams to ensure critical milestones are achieved and provides technical review of projects from design through construction.  

Mike’s motivation centers on building enduring relationships and working with staff to ensure they have the resources necessary to complete their projects efficiently. He knows that mentoring and training new staff to evolve in their careers is key to sustainable company evolution and growth. To Mike, the most rewarding part of being a manager is watching the next generation of staff succeed.

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  • Checkmark Business and strategic planning
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  • Checkmark Planning, design, and construction oversight
  • Checkmark Project management and technical review
  • Checkmark Subsurface investigations
  • Checkmark Transportation/infrastructure geotechnical engineering solutions

“Coming from a family of teachers and social workers, I always wanted to make a difference for people. That’s why I am drawn to working in the infrastructure and transportation markets and mentoring – they make a big difference in people’s day-to-day lives.”