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Headshot of female, Nancy Gardiner

Nancy Gardiner, CPESC, QSD/QSP, QISP, ToR

Senior Associate

Nancy is passionate about the stormwater management field because it is constantly evolving. Whether she’s working on a large municipal program, a small industrial manufacturing facility, or a multifaceted redevelopment project – it’s never boring. Nancy thrives on complex projects, especially those with physical site constraints or site-specific permitting requirements. Known for her expertise and commitment to client service, Nancy has more than 25 years of consulting experience spanning all Haley & Aldrich markets.

Beyond meeting compliance requirements and permit deadlines, Nancy enjoys partnering with clients to build trusted, long-term relationships, some of which span nearly two decades. She knows that her clients have time constraints and competing commitments, which is why she establishes strong relationships with them. They trust her to understand their needs and execute the work necessary to solve their toughest problems.

  • Checkmark Clean Water Act litigation support
  • Checkmark Design, installation, operation, maintenance, and monitoring of best management practices
  • Checkmark Low-impact development/green infrastructure
  • Checkmark Municipal, industrial, and construction stormwater management
  • Checkmark National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permitting
  • Checkmark Stormwater treatment systems
  • Checkmark Total maximum daily loads (TMDL)
  • Checkmark Training and reporting
  • Checkmark Water quality monitoring/data management
  • Checkmark Watershed planning

“To me, success means my clients not only receive a high-quality work product but also benefit from a consultant and trusted advisor they can depend on to look out for their interests and make continual, long-term improvements.”