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Geometric Decoration

Nick Davis, P.E.

Technical Expert

Nick draws inspiration from his potential to make a positive impact on the world.He collaborates with clients to understand their objectives, priorities, and concerns so that he can provide practical and cost-effective solutions that meet their needs. On every project, Nick aims to ensure that work is executed with the highest levels of technical expertise, regulatory compliance, and efficiency.

As a civil engineer, Nick has extensive experience in a wide variety of civil design-related projects, including client management; project management in planning, designing, and permitting; and construction quality assurance and quality control. He enjoys the challenge of solving complex engineering problems across multiple industries, including energy, industrial, manufacturing, and mining.

  • Checkmark Planning
  • Checkmark Design
  • Checkmark Permitting
  • Checkmark Construction quality assurance
  • Checkmark Personnel management
  • Checkmark Client management
  • Checkmark Project management

“I’m motivated to go above and beyond by the knowledge that I am helping to make society and the environment better. I take great pride in delivering projects that have a positive impact on communities and the planet. This sense of purpose drives me to continually strive for excellence and to look for ways to exceed my clients’ expectations.”