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Geometric Decoration
Paul Pizzimenti

Paul Pizzimenti, P.E.

Senior Client Account Manager

Paul has decades of experience as a geotechnical engineer, honed while consulting on projects that have transformed city skylines and infrastructure. Paul approaches every project with the mindset that he’s not working for his clients—he’s working with them. He prioritizes relationship-building and open communication to make sure every engagement comes to consensus and meets clients’ goals.  

Paul has guided a wide range of projects over the course of his career, including infrastructure, waterfront sites, medical and educational institutions, energy transmission and generation facilities, and residential developments. Notable projects include the replacements of the Goethals Bridge, which connects Elizabeth, New Jersey, with Staten Island, New York, and the Kosciuszko Bridge, which connects Brooklyn and Queens.  

“I’ve worked around New York City for my whole career, and I get a lot of satisfaction from traveling through the city and seeing buildings, bridges, and other infrastructure that I helped build. My family has lived in New York for more than 100 years, so seeing it develop feels personal for me—I love looking at the city and knowing that I had a hand in some part of it.”