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Headshot photo of male, Randy Jordan.

Randy Jordan, Ph.D.

Senior Technical Expert

Randy prioritizes gaining a thorough understanding of client issues, concerns, and objectives when he starts a project. He then determines how to apply technical expertise to create an effective solution. With this approach, Randy always strives to reach one simple goal: to go well beyond client expectations by putting his — and his teams’ — best effort in the right direction. 

Randy focuses on guiding clients to achieve maximum value and success from their projects, backed by his extensive experience in the environmental field. He has performed project and technical management of environmental research projects, field investigations for Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) investigations, oil spill responses and damage assessments, and marine baseline monitoring programs. He also brings experience collaborating with stakeholders across state and federal governments, including the Department of Defense and the Environmental Protection Agency. 

  • Checkmark CERCLA investigations and remediation 
  • Checkmark Environmental chemistry and forensic evaluations 
  • Checkmark Fate and transport evaluations 
  • Checkmark Feasibility studies 
  • Checkmark Natural resource damage assessments 
  • Checkmark Project- and program-level technical management 
  • Checkmark Remedial investigations 
  • Checkmark Site inspections  

“I’m motivated to give my best effort to all tasks and responsibilities and ensure that my background and skills bring significant benefit to our clients.”