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Geometric Decoration

Richard Farson

Construction Engineering Manager

Richard embarks on every project with the end goal in mind, pragmatically seeking the most efficient and effective path from start to finish. He takes a hands-on approach by assembling the right team for the job, outlining expectations and goals early in the process, and maintaining open lines of communication to help clients achieve their objectives. 

Richard has more than 30 years of wide-ranging experience in regulatory compliance, hazardous waste assessment and remediation, and engineering design. His diverse portfolio includes projects in aerospace, government infrastructure, manufacturing, remediation construction, contaminated site management, and water resources. Richard’s proven record of proactive management, uncompromising attention to detail, effective communication, and teamwork has led to optimal solutions for clients and other stakeholders alike. 

  • Checkmark Construction management
  • Checkmark Environmental management during demolition
  • Checkmark Fuel systems design
  • Checkmark Groundwater cleanup and site closure
  • Checkmark Peer review for engineering designs
  • Checkmark Regulatory compliance and negotiation
  • Checkmark Remedial excavations and soil management
  • Checkmark Remediation system design, construction, operation, and optimization
  • Checkmark Storm water treatment
  • Checkmark Vapor intrusion mitigation systems

“I enjoy partnering with clients to bring their concepts and designs to life in the form of physical structures or improvements to the built environment. It’s the same satisfaction, I’d guess, that a sculptor has when their work is complete.”