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Geometric Decoration

Richard Volpi

Senior Project Manager

For 35 years Rick has sought to safely deliver innovative, cost-efficient solutions for his clients’ most difficult environmental challenges. To do so, he has been involved on the ground floor of the developing sciences related to the degradation of hydrocarbons and solvents, monitored natural attenuation, vapor intrusion, and recalcitrant compounds. 

Rick’s experience spans management, field investigation, reporting, and remediation phases of hazardous and non-hazardous waste sites completed under multiple Federal and State regulatory programs, including the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA), and state programs in Ohio, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, among others. Rick has also conducted or managed Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) Reports in 46 states, as well as in Canada, Germany, Hungary, Panama, Puerto Rico, and Mexico.

  • Checkmark Aquifer characterizations
  • Checkmark Contamination assessments 
  • Checkmark Hydrogeological investigations
  • Checkmark Natural attenuation modeling and monitoring
  • Checkmark Non-aqueous phase liquid contamination assessment and remediation.
  • Checkmark Phase I and II ESAs 
  • Checkmark Regulatory compliance evaluation and negotiation
  • Checkmark Risk and liability identification

“I most enjoy working collaboratively with our clients to provide safe, innovative, timely, and cost- effective resolutions to their often-tough environmental related issues.”