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Headshot of male, Sean Carroll

Sean Carroll

Technical Expert, Environmental Remediation

Sean’s favorite projects are the ones that make him look at different perspectives. Partnering with clients who provide thoughtful and critical feedback helps him deliver the best solutions to the toughest of challenges. Sean’s decades of experience have taught him to always keep the client’s big-picture goals in mind while working on every stage of a project.

Sean has been involved in many aspects of contaminated site assessment, investigation, and remediation projects. He is an innovator and enjoys applying new investigation or remediation technologies or new approaches to efficiently characterize and remediate project sites. Sean is fascinated by our amazing and complex planet and that translates into his passion for tying together all data to provide clients with the most effective and appropriate environmental solutions.

  • Checkmark Characterization and remediation of contaminated sediments
  • Checkmark Construction oversight
  • Checkmark Dense non-aqueous phase liquid (DNAPL) characterization
  • Checkmark In-situ soil stabilization and solidification of coal tar-impacted soils
  • Checkmark Laser-induced fluorescence tools
  • Checkmark Manufactured gas plant characterization and remediation
  • Checkmark Polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) characterization and soil remediation
  • Checkmark Reactive cap design for contaminated sediment remediation

“I want to be a part of cleaning up the environment, addressing the legacy of our industrial development, and figuring out ways that humans can work more in harmony with our planet.”