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Headshot of woman, Suzanne Bell

Suzanne Bell

Senior Project Manager

With nearly two decades at Haley & Aldrich, Suzanne brings deep experience to private and industrial clients’ soil and groundwater environmental investigations, remediation projects, and environmental permitting and compliance needs.  

Suzanne has managed projects across the southwestern United States and the New York area, serving clients that range from aerospace companies to commercial property owners to mining facilities. She understands that each project comes with its own goals, challenges, and priorities, and she listens closely and communicates openly with all stakeholders to tailor successful approaches. Her emotional intelligence complements technical experience that includes remediation systems, soil and groundwater feasibility studies, environmental file review and historical research, and data analysis. 

“I approach my clients as partners and teammates. I put myself in their shoes to understand their concerns, then communicate on their behalf to advocate for practical and cost-effective solutions.”