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Geometric Decoration

Thomas Plante, P.E.

Engineering Design Leader

Success as a remediation technical specialist takes a high level of industry expertise. Tom will tell you that it also takes active listening and a creative mind open to a diverse spectrum of ideas. That’s how he builds the trust that’s essential to long-term client relationships. As program manager on numerous manufactured gas plant sites, Tom consults on such technological initiatives as non-aqueous phase liquid (NAPL) mobility and recovery, contaminant forensics, containment barriers, negotiating site closure, and in situ solidification (ISS). 

Tom has collaborated with the Electric Power Research Institute to develop new investigation tools and remedial technologies and has participated in the preparation of Interstate Technology Regulatory Council technical guidance manuals. Tom enjoys the challenges of the engineering and design process as much as he enjoys helping his clients flourish and meet their business goals. 

  • Checkmark Dense non-aqueous phase liquid (DNAPL) mobility and recovery
  • Checkmark Environmental permitting
  • Checkmark Remediation design and construction
  • Checkmark Site closure strategies
  • Checkmark Specialized ISS expertise
  • Checkmark Treatability studies for technology application
  • Checkmark Utilities design

“Developing a trusted relationship with each client requires active listening, deep inquiry, offering advice and solutions, being open to a diverse spectrum of ideas, and ultimately supporting clients to achieve their business goals.”