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Vincent Dick, P.G.

Principal Consultant, Geology and Resource Permitting

When Vince was studying geology in college, he was fascinated by the intricacy and scale of the earth’s natural processes and how they continue to change our landscapes. Today, and for the past nearly 40 years of his career working in the built environment, he applies his passion by protecting those resources while developing projects with his clients. Vince leads environmental permitting programs for clients across many markets, including energy, manufacturing, commercial real estate, and institutions. 

Vince often helps clients select sites for new energy and infrastructure projects, such as natural gas pipelines and transmission lines, as well as gas-fired, solar, and wind generation facilities, by identifying sites where construction will have the least impact on natural resources. He guides his clients on project adjustments that result in fewer natural resource permits where possible – and sometimes, when conception and design changes can prevent impacts and obviate the need for permits, none at all. This expedites his clients’ journey through permitting by helping their projects get built more quickly and for less money.

Vince adapts the methods, technologies, and approaches he uses in his work across different industries to offer his clients a wide range of options to keep their projects moving while protecting the environment.

  • Checkmark Critical impact assessments
  • Checkmark Environmental investigations and remediation
  • Checkmark Environmental permitting
  • Checkmark Hydrogeologic investigations
  • Checkmark Natural resource surveys
  • Checkmark Project strategy development
  • Checkmark Regulatory due diligence

“For many projects, there are multiple stakeholders who have voices and possibly decision-making roles, sometimes with disparate views. I apply sound science and regulatory knowledge in an objective way throughout my work, but also have an ear to the interests of the stakeholders. This helps me and my clients to find common ground and, ultimately, more successful outcomes.”