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Yvana Hrovat, P.E.

Technical Expert, Water Resources

Yvana develops relationships with clients by first identifying their most pressing concerns or desired areas for growth. By actively listening to her clients, she determines what opportunities or obstacles might lie ahead for them, whether they be regulatory, scientific, financial, or political. Equipped with this knowledge, Yvana leverages her almost 20 years of experience managing large-scale, complex projects to strategically plan and implement innovative engineering approaches that meet her clients’ ultimate objectives.

Yvana specializes in sustainable designs that conserve water supplies and optimize reuse while protecting and improving water quality. She combines a deep understanding of watershed processes and modeling systems with a pragmatic project management approach to pursue the most effective, cost-efficient approaches to stormwater compliance. 

  • Checkmark Government facilities
  • Checkmark Green infrastructure design
  • Checkmark Marine, ports, and harbors
  • Checkmark Stormwater
  • Checkmark Surface water
  • Checkmark Sustainability
  • Checkmark Transportation
  • Checkmark Water and wastewater
  • Checkmark Water quality
  • Checkmark Watershed planning

“I enjoy connecting with and helping people, whether it be collaborating with colleagues to understand their strengths and passions or identifying a client’s most pressing concerns.  I’m especially energized when I can address those concerns with an innovative approach and carefully procured team.”