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Oil and gas transmission consulting

We get ahead of risks so you can get your project constructed — efficiently and successfully.

Over the past decade, the oil and gas industry has been the subject of significant social pressure, which has impacted capital project development. There is no shortage of challenges that can threaten to derail, or even completely shut down, oil and gas improvement projects — from public opposition to unpredictable pricing, to shifting environmental legislation and permitting complexities.

The Haley & Aldrich team helps you plan for, manage, and mitigate risks during your oil and gas projects. Often, our clients find they’re most successful when we partner with them early in project development, even before publicly announcing their plans. This allows our oil and gas consulting experts to plan for and get ahead of potential community or environmental impacts. We do so by partnering with your public outreach team and providing guidance, working together to develop the right message so you can achieve a net-positive project impact. We also break down complex topics so external stakeholders can clearly understand expectations — and see how your plan will minimize negative environmental impacts.

Haley & Aldrich’s oil and gas consulting experts also consider how you can minimize risk during construction. Early on in your project, we dig deep into your data and initiate discussions with you and your project stakeholders. Together, we lay out different project approaches so you can make the right, informed decisions and ultimately, get ahead of potential costly obstacles.

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Thoughtful oil and gas solutions that will exceed your expectations

Our oil and gas consulting team — which includes leaders in development planning and permitting, environmental remediation, design, and construction — focus on the small, nuanced details of your business. This allows us to develop a custom approach specific to you. As a result, our clients often tell us they appreciate how we operate as an extension of their own staff.

One of the reasons our staff is able to seamlessly integrate into our clients’ project teams is because, in addition to ongoing technical training, every staff member participates in personal mastery and self-leadership training. This improves our staff members’ ability to ask thoughtful questions, truly listen, and be open to continual learning. The result for our clients? A deep understanding of your high-level goals, and greater efficiency throughout our work together.

We provide oil and gas consulting for the following markets:

When you partner with Haley & Aldrich, you engage with a team of consultants that go beyond the status quo to deliver outcomes that minimize risk, and maximize success.

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