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What are PFAS and why should we care?

Vince Dick

“What are PFAS and why should we care?” is the topic of a new Harris Beach Podcast episode featuring Harris Beach attorney Joe Picciotti and Haley & Aldrich Principal Consultant Vince Dick. In the episode, Vince explains how manufacturers have used PFAS, or per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, in an array of products over the past several decades. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency now classifies PFAS as an emerging contaminant due to their persistence in the environment and potential impacts on human health.

This discussion provides useful legal and technical guidance on PFAS for the regulated community, including:

  • Presence of PFAS in the environment
  • Health concerns
  • Federal and state standards
  • Treatment technologies
  • Forensics to determine liability

Listen to their conversation and view the accompanying slides on the Harris Beach website.