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Adaptive, client-focused environmental business risk evaluation

Haley & Aldrich has a proven track record of providing our clients with timely, practical answers to the difficult and complex questions that arise during mergers, acquisitions, project siting and property development. Clients may want to consider issues that are often overlooked, such as constructability, facility management, and reputation. We listen and draw upon our portfolio of capabilities to assist our clients with their important business decisions. For example, a unique Haley & Aldrich tool is Hazard HunterTM, a web-based program we developed to help our clients screen properties for over 100 types of man-made hazards, many of them not addressed in standard ASTM databases.

> Service Highlights

  • Site assessment
  • Regulatory strategies
  • Facility use permitting constraints
  • Water supply evaluations
  • Hazardous building materials assessment
  • Indoor air quality assessment
  • Vapor intrusion assessment
  • Hazard database review
  • Geotechnical condition evaluations