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Headshot of male, Chris Dacey

Christopher Dacey, M.Sc., REP

Technical Expert, Senior Hydrogeologist

Christopher addresses and resolves a wide range of environmental challenges on behalf of industry-leading mining, industrial, government, and commercial clients. These clients benefit from both his extensive boots-on-the-ground experience and his strong analytical expertise. He also brings a dedication to integrity, technical excellence, and knowledge-sharing to all his projects.  

With his deep experience in hydrogeology and hydrology, Christopher understands the complex challenges that each of these entities face in sustainable water management and use. He knows that water stress and risk are existential threats to businesses, economies, governments, ecosystems, people, and cultures, and so he approaches each engagement with the sensitivity and technical rigor it deserves.  

  • Checkmark Alternatives analysis and risk-based decision support systems  
  • Checkmark Construction, mine, and slope dewatering 
  • Checkmark Environmental due diligence 
  • Checkmark Environmental monitoring and compliance programs
  • Checkmark Geochemical characterization studies for new mines and expansions
  • Checkmark Groundwater resource development 
  • Checkmark Integrated water resources management and modeling 
  • Checkmark Mine hydrogeology, prefeasibility studies, lifecycle permitting, and closure planning 
  • Checkmark Permitting for new projects or expansions 
  • Checkmark Strategies for optimizing use of existing facilities 

“Water has a duality, as both a critical resource and causative agent, with unique uncertainties, risks, and management challenges. I find that empathetic listening, along with agile and collaborative science and engineering, builds capacity and minimizes risk so that clients, stakeholders, and the environment can benefit.”