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Geometric Decoration

Elie H. Haddad, P.E.

Principal Consultant

Elie’s strategic insight has helped clients develop practical and focused solutions to achieve their desired goals. He uses his natural curiosity to learn what his clients care about and how they define success, both personally and professionally. He then integrates those insights with his Lean and environmental expertise to co-develop big-picture solutions that move beyond the science to address the objectives and concerns of myriad stakeholders while limiting his clients’ risks and liabilities.

Elie has directed and supervised multi-party remedial investigations/feasibility studies (RI/FS), including large air sampling programs. This required coordinating among regulatory agencies, property tenants and owners, citizen groups, and various responsible parties including their consultants, and their attorneys. His extensive work on Superfund sites helped the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency establish national standards. 

Always striving to eliminate process wastes, Elie cuts his clients’ costs while accelerating progress toward their goals. For example, he has optimized his clients’ operations, maintenance, and monitoring programs throughout the U.S. reducing their costs by millions of dollars.

  • Checkmark Contaminated site management
  • Checkmark Hydrogeological activities
  • Checkmark Planning and strategy
  • Checkmark Regulatory liaisons
  • Checkmark Remedial design
  • Checkmark Remedial engineering designs
  • Checkmark RI/FS programs
  • Checkmark Risk assessments
  • Checkmark Superfund
  • Checkmark Vapor intrusion 

“Haley & Aldrich brings new and often unexpected perspectives to our clients’ operating issues. We help them to take a step back and consider the larger equation, focusing on the value that they are trying to realize.”