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Haley & Aldrich anticipates strong demand for PFAS work in DOD and private markets

Haley & Aldrich principal consultant Elie H. Haddad shares his outlook on the demand for remediation services from both the public and private sectors in a recent issue of Environmental Business Journal.

In an interview titled “Haley & Aldrich anticipates strong demand for PFAS work in DOD and private markets,” Haddad predicts that the US Department of Defense (DOD) will be the main government-sector driver of demand for remediation services, powered by the need to address per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) contamination. The attention on PFAS, both from the DOD and from private clients, has already manifested at Haley & Aldrich. He notes: “We are investing in PFAS destruction technologies and receiving substantial grants in PFAS-related applied research. Some clients are expanding their PFAS service demand into preventative measures, such as AFFF [aqueous film-forming foam] replacement, in addition to remediating PFAS released into the environment. Some clients are using our expertise to create enterprise-level strategies to deal with PFAS liabilities.”

Haddad also comments on how technology has shaped the remediation industry. He observes automation has driven new standards in data collection and early detection systems, and he foresees new standards in PFAS treatment through methods that allow for their in situ and ex situ destruction. Haley & Aldrich has developed one such technology, called EradiFluor.

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