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Jarrod Yoder

Jarrod Yoder, P.G., LSP

Technical Expert, Environmental Remediation

Jarrod’s professors and experiences at Penn State and drive to solve complex problems have played an integral part in his life, inspiring him to pursue an environmental career. More than 20 years later as a senior consultant, Jarrod’s extensive experience includes managing large, complex environmental compliance and remediation portfolios for a wide variety of clients.

A natural leader, Jarrod collaborates and communicates with all teams and stakeholders to ensure alignment and provide the valuable and timely services that solve his clients’ issues. Even with all of his experience, Jarrod never gets bored on the job. There’s always a new challenge that makes him think outside the box. His clients appreciate how he works diligently to understand their needs and communicates technical aspects so they’re easy for all project stakeholders to understand.

  • Checkmark Brownfields redevelopment
  • Checkmark Complex site portfolio management and planning  
  • Checkmark Innovative assessment and remediation programs
  • Checkmark Litigation/mediation support
  • Checkmark Massachusetts Contingency Plan (MCP), Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA), Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), and Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) regulations
  • Checkmark Non-aqueous phase liquids and commingled recalcitrant contaminants
  • Checkmark Pre-design investigations and feasibility studies
  • Checkmark Remedial system/program optimization 
  • Checkmark Selection, design, construction, implementation of remedial technologies
  • Checkmark Vapor intrusion assessment and mitigation

“In the environmental field, there is always something new and different that challenges me to think outside-the-box, identify potential new solutions, and develop effective strategies to achieve site closure. There is never a dull moment.”