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Headshot of male, Rich Genovesi

Rich Genovesi, P.E.

Senior Project Manager, Geotechnical Engineering

Rich Genovesi tackles the tough challenges clients face with a hands-on approach and practical perspective. As an experienced geotechnical engineer, Rich conducts a thorough review of all subsurface conditions for every project and merges that information with both schedule and financial risks to create a full picture of a client’s needs and goals — as well as a path for how to meet them. He also enjoys collaborating with design and construction teams to take a project from the idea stage to completion.

Rich has consulted on a range of projects for clients across multiple industries, including foundation designs for all sizes of commercial, municipal, industrial, and educational buildings. He is also experienced in geothermal heating and cooling projects and appreciates the chance to bring his expertise with subsurface conditions to helping clients achieve their renewable energy goals.

  • Checkmark Drilling technologies and monitoring
  • Checkmark Geothermal rig monitoring, horizontal piping and circuiting installation, and integrity testing
  • Checkmark Excavating and placing structural fill
  • Checkmark Field permeability testing
  • Checkmark Forensic settlement evaluation
  • Checkmark Foundation design
  • Checkmark Preparing foundation-bearing surfaces
  • Checkmark Well installation monitoring

“Challenges can arise at any point during the project lifecycle, from design to construction. I am motivated to come to work each day by the opportunity to learn something new from each new obstacle.”