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Scott Bodensteiner Sediment Dredged Material Management

Scott Bodensteiner

Technical Expert, Environmental Sciences, Sediment Quality and Permitting

Scott has a passion for sustainable dredged material management and has spent over 20 years assisting our maritime clients with identifying the most feasible and environmentally-sound disposal and beneficial reuse options for sediments removed from their offshore facilities. As an environmental toxicologist, Scott has written and implemented over 150 sample and analysis plans for ports and harbors. His experience and understanding of new environmental policies have led to positive negotiations with key regulatory agencies to readily obtain permits. His experience also allowed him to resolve issues associated with sediment contaminants, endangered species, and determining the most appropriate dredged material management options, including beneficial reuse as fill for wetlands restoration projects.

Scott’s expertise as a toxicologist and skilled statistician has been instrumental in eliminating the uncertainty related to beneficial reuse and aquatic disposal sites, enabling him to provide his clients with clear-cut options for managing dredged material. He also routinely works with design engineers to ensure dredge project plans meet the navigational needs of our clients while complying with design restrictions and environmental conditions required by the dredge permit. Scott has also led or assisted policy advocacy groups with several initiatives aimed at developing or amending dredging related policies to protect the environment without overburdening the proponents of shoreline development and maintenance efforts.

  • Checkmark Construction support and oversight for maintenance dredging
  • Checkmark Contaminated sediments
  • Checkmark Endangered species consultation
  • Checkmark Environmental toxicology
  • Checkmark Essential Fish Habitat assessment
  • Checkmark Maintenance dredging permit acquisition
  • Checkmark Sediment characterization investigations
  • Checkmark Sediment sampling
  • Checkmark Sustainable dredged material management
  • Checkmark Water quality monitoring

“I became an environmental consultant to make environmental protection simpler. I enjoy being able to find cost-effective ways to facilitate environmental stewardship goals for our maritime clients.”